About William

I am passionate about 2D animation, photography and graphic design. while I also have experiences with producing projection mapping, 3D modelling and website design. I recently graduated with an honours degree in Bachelor of Media Arts (in 2D Animation and Photography) at UNSW Sydney in 2019. I describe myself as an experimental designer, curious about exploring my next production and integration across different design technic.

Currently, I am in the progress of upskilling all my design knowledge; and keen share my experiences with my peers at UNSW, I am also seeking opportunities in enabling myself to utilise as many skills as I can in a professional environment.


  • Team Member of UNSW Sunswift Solar Racing Team and participated World Solar Challenge 2019 with a 2nd place overall in Cruiser Class and Line Honours.
  • Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours), specialising in Animation & Visual Effects (2D Animation) and Photography, 2019, UNSW Art & Design
  • University Foundation Studies Certificate (Design), 2014, UNSW