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3801 Locomotive - Prototype Bio

December 2021


UI Prototype

Image of 3801-locomotive-prototype-bio

A presentation prototype of 3801 Locomotive.

The images are captured during it’s relaunch in Sydney in March 2021.

Australian Locomotive 3801 relaunched in Sydney on 13th March 2021 after a decade of restoration.


I have photographed 3801 locomotive during the relaunch event at various train stations.

Check the album for the images here.

greyscale image
victorized graphic
victorized graphic


I cropped the 3801 locomotive main body and convert to greyscale in Photoshop, then I use Image trace to convert image to vectorized graphics.

greyscale image
victorized graphic


I gathered the photos, graphics and text content extracted from the Wikipedia and assembled them as a presentation prototype with Adobe XD.

Instructions: Click the prototype to reveal the presentation (animated), refresh the page to reload the prototype.