A Half-Awake Animator

Media Arts Honours Year Final Work

May 2019


2D Animation

A Half-awake Animator is a 3-minute graphics-styled animation, portraying a nightmare dreamt by an animator Willy, a representation of the author (William) who woke up from a dream that is invaded by a crocodile and he feels anxious to remember about completing a crocodile animation assignment.


The story is intended to exaggerate from the William’s personal experience, by adding character’s levels of stress, revealing unreal, unimaginable and horror scenes. The animation uses simple graphics to construct the scenes, while there are background sound and sound effects to represent environmental atmosphere, emotion and reaction of the character.

Illustrations and Styling

Animation Sequences (Extract)

This expeirmental animation is William’s final work in his Media Arts (Honours) Research Project, aimed to explore how could the nightmare be portrayed in animated graphics.